Where We Come From

We come from the same place you do: the outdoors. We are captivated by our environment and we love to experience it in all its glory.

More locally, though, we are located in and operate out of Los Angeles, CA. We’re spoiled with sunshine almost year round. When we’re not working, we’re on our bikes and when we’re not on our bikes, we’re on the water and when we’re not on the water, we’re trying to scale a mountain. We savor every moment we get outside and we want to share our appreciation for playtime in the fresh air with you.

What We Do

We design, manufacture, and sell top-notch bicycles. We do all of the R+D in-house, handpick superior components for each bike, and then sell you the finished hand-built product directly. There’s no middleman. Our bikes go straight from our hands to your home. It’s you and us, kiddo.

Why We Do What We Do

We want to get you off your sofa, away from your desk, out of your car, and onto a bicycle.

We have a hefty selection of colors and sizes and styles available, so you can snag exactly the bike you want. As aforementioned, we handpick each element that ends up on every one of our bikes. We incorporate the highest quality parts to produce a product that will last you years of city commuting, leisurely cycling, and exercise riding. We do all of this and still bring you the best prices across the interwebs.

Get At Us

We thrive on word-of-mouth, passerby envy, and reviews left by real customers. If you love our product, we’d really appreciate a review on our website and/or our Amazon page. We will be forever indebted to you. If you run into a problem with your bike, let us try to make it right. We want you to be a happy rider and feel like part of the Critical family. Reach out to us anytime.

Email: team@criticalcycles.com
Phone: 888-488-2369

For press inquiries, email us at press@criticalcycles.com.


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