• Live in LA? We’ll build your Critical Cycles Bike for $20!

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    We’re excited to announce the Build & Bike Program, which makes Critical Cycles bikes even easier to access with a pick-up option for Los Angeles customers.

    Sure, Critical Cycles bikes already arrive at your door 95% assembled. But we wanted our local Los Angeles friends to have ALL the options. So, for only $20 we’ll build your bike for you! You heard that right, only $20!

    When you order your Critical Cycles online, select ‘ASSEMBLE MY BIKE’ in the shipping selection.

    Then, all you have to do is wait 2-3 business days (we’ll let you know when it’s ready), swing by our warehouse in DTLA, give us a high five, pick up your stylish new two-wheel buddy, and get out there for a ride.

    Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Wind in your hair! But if you need a helmet we can help you out with that, too :).

    All of Critical Cycles’ bikes are available for the Build & Bike program:

    • The Harper, available with a single-speed / fixed-gear flip-flop hub and front and rear brakes for $199, and as a minimalist coaster for $179.
    • The Beaumont, a 7-speed Dutch-style city bike available with step-through or diamond frame, $219.
    • The Cub, a kids balance bike designed to help instill the fun of cycling in the next generation, $59.99.
    • The Chatham, a stylish beach cruiser available with 1, 3 or 7 gears, starting at $179.
    Get out there and ride! #MyCritical

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  • The Battle of Commuters: Fixie vs. Hybrids

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    Did you know biking to work has increased 60% in the past decade? Don't believe us? Just read the report posted by USA TODAY back in 2014. This means that roughly 786,000 people are using there bikes to commute to and from work each day! By commuting via bicycle, riders are saving money on gas and cutting back on the stress that comes with waiting in rush hour traffic. To be honest, we think it's great! What better way to clear your head in the morning and decompress after the work day then with a bike ride?

    With the staggering increase of bike commuters it is essential to know which type of bicycle fits your commute best. This is where Critical Cycles is here to help with our Fixie vs Hybrid commuter comparison.


    A Fixie, or "Fixed Gear", bicycle is a great way to get around and get a great work out at the same time. The fixed gear means that you don't ever stop peddling. However, our Fixies, like our Harper Single-Speed / Fixie model, come with a Flip-Flop Hub that easily allows you to change to Single-Speed, which allows for coasting with out peddling, based off your riding preference. The key thing to consider before purchasing a Fixie for your daily commute is what type of terrain and distance you will be covering on the way to work. If you have, say, a San Francisco hills type of commute you may be getting a good work out but you won't be able to make it to work without breaking a pretty intense sweat. However, if your commute consist of slight inclines and flat terrain you will have no problem getting back and forth. 

    You can view our selection of Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed bicycles HERE


    Hybrid bikes on the other hand, although offered in single-speed, usually are accompanied with additional gears for you to transition to while dealing with more taxing terrain. Our Beaumont 7-Speed Diamond City Bike for example is accompanied with seven gears for you to easily adjust according to the types of inclines you will be traversing on your way to work. This makes any hill an easy task, while keeping you fresh for the work day. Not only does this make inclines an easy task, but it also helps commuters that may find themselves riding 5+ miles a day able to easily tackle the distance by being able to down shift to an easy and enjoyable ride when needed. Unlike our Fixied-Gear / Single-Speed models that often provide the rider with a challenge when traversing steep terrain, our Hybrid / City Bikes work with the rider by allowing more gears that lead to an easier ride to and from work.

    You can view our selection of Hybrid / City Bikes bicycles HERE


    When picking the perfect commuter bike be sure to factor in your experience level and the type of ground you will be covering. If you are a novice looking to enjoy the ride you may want to lean towards our Hybrids. If you have been riding for awhile and are looking for a challenge on the way to work, look no further then our Fixies. But ultimately the choice is up to you! 

    Still have questions about what bike fits your commute best? Feel free to leave a comment and we'll make sure we can find the right bike for you!

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  • Finding The Perfect Campus Bike

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    College is full of decisions, picking majors, joining clubs, and the most common one of them all, where to eat. With these and many more questions swirling around that head of yours don't forget one of the most important questions you should be asking yourself, "How am I going to get around campus?"

    Although learning to drive may have been one of the highlights of High School, your in college now, and that dorm approved parking pass is going to run you close to $400 a semester! This is one of the many reasons why a bicycle is your best way to get to and from class quickly; and trust us "quickly" will come in handy when you find yourself needing a few extra minutes to finish that term paper you have been procrastinating on all semester.

    This is why the team over at Critical Cycles have complied a list of how to find the perfect campus bike.

    Beaumont Hybrid / City Bike:

    Our Beaumont bicycles are perfect for handling any terrain on any campus. With this seven speed you are sure to find the perfect two-wheeled fit to help you navigate any landscape your college campus may throw at you. But that's not all, the Beaumont also includes a sturdy, steel rear rack to help you transport any additional items you may need to carry, as well as offering front and rear alloy brakes for responsive stopping and an all around safer ride. The Beaumont is also available in Step-Thru models which allow for easy access while getting on and off the bike, especially when wearing a skirt!

    View Critical Cycles wide range of Hybrid / City Bikes HERE

    Harper Single Speed / Fixie:

    Maybe you're lucky enough to have chosen a campus where elevated terrain isn't an issue. If this is the case, our Harper Single Speed / Fixie maybe the perfect fit for you. The Harper includes unique features such as a flip-flop hub which allows you to easily switch between riding single speed, allowing you to cruise without having to pedal like a traditional bike, and fixed, where movement of the bike directly correlates with the movement of your feet. To change your riding style with the flip-flop hub you simply unmount the rear wheel, flip it around, remount, and bada bing bada boom, you're done! The sleek and simple design of this low maintenance bike also includes riser handlebars for a relaxed, upright riding position as well as also including a dual break system like the Beaumont to give you extra control and stopping power.

    View Critical Cycles Harper Single Speed / Fixie Bike HERE

    Chatham 7 Speed Step-Thru Beach Cruiser:

    Need a bike that provides the ease of a day at the beach while getting you from point a to point b no matter what type ground you may need to cover in-between? Look no further then the Chatham 7 Speed Step-Thru Beach Cruiser. The step-thru frame is hand-built and made out of steel for top tier reliability and shock absorption. Add in a wide cruiser saddle, handlebars with cushy grips, and thick Wanda tires and you have a ride built for maximum comfort. But that's just the icing on the cake. The key feature of bike that will have you slicing through any landscape is the seven-speed Shimano drivetrain that can handle everything from flat roads to grassy knolls without you even breaking a sweat. 

    View Critical Cycles Chatham 7 Speed Step-Thru Beach Cruiser HERE

    Essential Accessories

    Before we drop you off at your dorm on move in day, and wipe away the tears as you become a disappearing blip in our rearview mirror we at Critical Cycles want to make sure you and your new bike are safe and secure. 

    First let's protect the noggin that you will be filling with knowledge and spending a pretty, tuition sized, penny on by covering it with our CM-1 Helmet

    Now let's protect that bike you spent this whole blog post researching by fitting it with the trusty Kryptonite Bike Lock. Because let's face it, college is hard enough without having to deal with your bike being stolen in the middle of finals week.

    Lastly, get used to late night, last minute study sessions because, be honest with yourself, you are a procrastinator. Which is fine, we totally get it, but stay safe, and most importantly, stay seen with our Bondi-5 bike lights. These lights easily fasten to your bike and keep you noticed in the night with 5 LED bulbs that illuminate the night with their two settings, flashing and constant.

    Well that's it. We've done the best we can do to prepare you to purchase the perfect two-wheeled companion to get you through college. But, before you go off and get yourself wrapped up in syllabi and deadlines we will leave you with a word of advice from the one and only Ferris Bueller to hopefully help you appreciate the college experience a little more, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it."



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