• How to teach your child to ride our Cub Balance Bike

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    With the Spring season upon us it is the perfect time to get the little ones out and active with our Cub Balance Bike. However, getting the hang of riding on two wheels can be a little tricky at first. Which is why we put this list together of 3 easy steps to teach your youngin' how to ride a balance bike.

    Step 1: Finding the perfect fit

    They key to two wheeled success is making sure that you have setup up the balance bike to fit your little munchkin. To do this you want to set the saddle height so your child's feet are flat on the ground while allowing for both knees to have a slight bend in them when they are seated. Next you want to set the handle bar height according to the newly found saddle height. For example, if the saddle is at it's lowest setting the handlebars should be set to the lowest setting as well. This is to ensure comfort and a safe riding stance. Lastly let's not forget that kids grow quickly so you may want to adjust the bike every couple of months to insure a proper fit.

    Step 2: Let the child set the pace 

    Our Cub is simple enough that your child were more then likely throw their leg over the bike and get to moving. However, your child may not sit on the seat at first and that is completely natural. At this point your child feels secure on their feet but may not feel the same when sitting on the saddle. As they get comfortable walking around with the bike between their and using the handlebars to steer they will eventually start to trust the saddle and will be up and riding with their feet up in no time. Older kids will get to this point in minutes while younger kids may take a few weeks. 

    Step 3: Support the child, NOT the bike

    Although it may be instinctive to help your child by holding onto the bicycle to keep them from falling, this may hinder their ability to learn how to balance. The point of our Balance Bikes are to, well, learn balance! This means the child must be allowed to feel the bike tip in order to be able to learn how to keep it from tipping and maintaining balance. This can be achieved by walking behind or next to your child and hold onto their chest, under their arms, or onto the back of their t-shirt so that they can feel safe. This approach will help your child learn the basic concept of keeping the bike balanced and centered until your assistance will no longer be needed. They grow up so fast don't they!

    Keep these 3 simple steps in mind for the warmer months ahead and be sure to take the time to enjoy sharing this experience with your child. And if your looking for a bike for yourself be sure to check out our full line of Critical Cycles Bikes HERE!



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  • Product Highlight: Cub Balance Bike

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    Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most memorable childhood milestones. You can help guide that special youngster in your life to that milestone even easier with the Cub Balance Bike from Critical Cycles.

    The Cub no-pedal balance bike is designed specifically for the beginning rider, aged 20 months to 5 years-old, to assist in developing the riders coordination and balance. The low down tube allows the rider to hop on and off the bike with ease. The Cub is also adjustable, which means even though your youngin' may be growing up to quickly, they won't be out growing this bike anytime soon.

    Balance bikes will teach your mini-cyclist to balance with their feet instead of relying on training wheels to balance for them which makes the transition from "balance" bike to "real" bike a much smoother transition. The Cub balance bike requires virtually no assembly or maintenance and with it's air-free tires you won't have to worry about the tires going flat!

    Find the perfect Cub Balance Bike for your youngster HERE 


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