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Imagine this. You walk out from your favorite coffee spot with the perfect mid-afternoon caffeine pick me up in hand. You're running through your list of to-do's for the rest of the day as you begin to realize you are standing in the spot where your bike once stood. You think for a moment, that in the midst of mentally preparing yourself to conquer the last of your errands in order to gain the sweet satisfaction of sitting on your couch to binge watch your latest Netflix obsession, that maybe you had mistaken where you left your prized possession, your mode of transportation, your bike. Sadly you look down to see your bike lock has been modified by a pair of bolt cutters and has now been rendered useless and your bike is nowhere to be seen! 

Sadly, we at Critical Cycles know the feeling all too well. That is why we are here to help! If you find yourself in a bike theft situation follow these steps so that we can get you back on two wheels in no time:

- Email us with a police report of your stolen bike from the past 90 days

- Pick a bike of ours you love

- We will email you back with a 20% Off discount code just for you!

- Order your new favorite bike (and maybe a heavy-duty Kryptonite bike lock) with the discount code we send you

- And bada bing, bada boom you are back back like you never left.

Sadly we can't help you finish up those errands, but hey at least you'll have a new bike!



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