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The 14th of February is almost upon us. Perhaps you’re looking forward to it so you can have a day to celebrate your loved ones. Or perhaps you’re looking forward to celebrating with your girls in true Galentine’s Day fashion. Or perhaps you’re looking forward to celebrating yourself! Whoever you are trying to gift, we have some great options available.

Critical Cycles's Valentine's Day Gift Guide


1-CityLites ($19.99): This interlocking head and tail bike light is compact and powerful. When the two pieces are attached to your bike, they shine brightly, and when the two pieces are attached to each other, they shut off. It’s a lot like cuddling.

2-Step-Thru Seven-Speed City Bike ($299.99): This darling bicycle has a Dutch-style frame with a lower standover height to make getting on and off easy. This fully equipped lady’s bicycle is the perfect present to tell your girl she’s awfully special. Available in a variety of colors.

3-Track Pedals with Leather Straps ($21.99): These pedals with genuine leather straps will make any bike reminiscent of a classic velo bike. Keep it classy this Valentine’s Day.

4-Classic Commuter Helmets ($24.99): Keep your beloved’s cabeza intact with a classic commuter helmet.

5-Bondi-2 Bike Light Set ($9.99): Light up your lovely’s life with a set of small but bright bike lights.

6-Ergonomic Grips ($7.99): Like loving someone, cycling can be hard on your body. Grab a set of these ergonomic grips to reduce the pressures of riding so you can ride a little harder and love a little harder.

7-Dreamcatcher Basket (from $27.99): Hand-woven and double reinforced, these baskets will protect your beloved’s items as she or he goes from A to B.

8-Mixte Frame Three-Speed Urban Coaster ($279.99): This bike is optimized for city riding and is equipped with a coaster brake and a three-speed internal hub. It has a little bit of everything for your special someone. Available in turquoise and coral.

9-Diamond Frame Single-Speed City Bike ($249.99): This single-speed city bike is the counterpart to our step-thru city bike. No one would dare accuse you of being matchy-matchy if you got two.

10-KMC Chains (from $5.99): This isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey. Keep it lowkey with colorful KMC chains for a touch of personalization.

11-Kryptonite Locks (from $9.95): Defend your sweetheart’s bike (and honor) with a lock from Kryptonite. (Kryptonite even guarantees your bike’s safety with some of these locks!)

12-Drone Bike Headlight ($16.99): Your sunshine will appreciate this solar-powered bike headlight.

13-Fixed-Gear with Pista Handlebars and a Flip-Flop Hub ($219.99): One love. One bike. Our fixed-gear bikes come with a flip-flop hub so your honey can ride it as a fixie or a single-speed with a freewheel.


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