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If you’ve spent any time navigating the busy streets of Los Angeles, you’ve undoubtedly encountered the emerging fixie trend. Fixed gear bikes are proving to be more than a passing fad on the West Coast, as many, many cyclists are trading in their old mountain bikes and road bikes for fixies. Los Angeles is no stranger to bike culture, but fixies have made it easier than ever for people to purchase affordable bikes and customize them.

Fixed Gear Bicycles in Los Angeles – A Match Made in Heaven
It should come as no surprise that L.A. is fast becoming the fixie capital of America. After all, Los Angeles has always marched to the beat of a different drum, much like fixies themselves. We don't follow the trends, we set them. Fixed gear bikes, with their unique drivetrain and absent freewheel, are highly functional and yet unapologetic in their individualism. They look normal on the outside, and yet, they refuse to conform to the traditional.

Doesn't this all sound characteristic of the L.A. vibe? It’s a town of diversity, united by a common passion for doing things its own way. Perhaps that's why the fixie is equally appealing to the college hipster, the tech entrepreneur, the middle-aged commuter, and the high school adventurer. Often imitated but never duplicated, fixies are the Hollywood of bicycles.

The Best Way to Explore L.A.
If you're passionate about fixed gear bicycles, Los Angeles is your playground. Cruise Santa Monica Boulevard in style or explore the LA River bike path. Experience Santa Monica with the wind to your back and the cool ocean waters to your face. Soak in the history and culture of Hollywood and Highland, navigate the roads of bustling downtown, and stop in China Town for some world-class Kung Pao. There is, quite simply, no better way to experience this iconic city. Is it any wonder why we love our fixies so much?

Looking for a Fixie of Your Very Own?
If you're ready to join the legions of Angelenos committed to the fixed gear revolution, check out the selection of stylish, affordable fixed gear bikes at Critical Cycles. Not only are our fixies made from the best components on the market, but our prices are unbeatable. L.A. is one of America's greatest cities, and if you haven't experienced it on a bike, you haven't truly lived it at all. So find your perfect fixie, and experience the amazing possibilities that await you.


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