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Whether you’re a casual rider who occasionally pedals to friends' apartments or a serious cyclist who enjoys jetting across bumpy bike trails and hills, choosing the correct bike takes research and careful consideration. On your journey to buying the perfect bike, you're likely to face the dilemma of choosing between one-speed and seven-speed city bikes. If you're wondering which gear setting is best for you, Critical Cycles is happy to help you weigh the pros and cons of both single speed and seven speed.

One Speed. One Less Thing to Worry About.
One-speed bikes are usually lighter, less expensive, and require less maintenance than other bicycles. This is because one-speed bikes aren’t weighed down by derailleurs, shifters, cables, and chain rings. They’re great for a quick ride when you’re heading to work, the grocery store, or gallivanting around town. One-speed bicycles are simple, because they only require you to pedal and steer, and they’re always sturdy and reliable.

Critical Cycles Diamond Frame Single-Speed City Bike

The one-speed bicycle is popular among bike messengers and has also become the preferred choice for many young urban cyclists. It’s also one of the lightest bikes to carry around. You can take it up the stairs of your apartment building or load it onto a bike shelf with little effort. In general, most bike riders have used a one-speed bicycle at least once in their lives. Growing up, the majority of bikes designed for kids only had a single gear ratio. Riding a one-speed can bring back those fond memories of cruising downhill with wind in your hair and not a care in the world.

Seven Speeds for Serious Riders
Seven-speed bikes are good for when you’re riding along more difficult terrain. The purpose of a bike with seven gears is to be able to adapt to and accommodate rougher conditions. Lower gears on a bike make it easier to pedal (but you can’t speed up as quickly), while higher gears make it easier to move swiftly downhill. Since one-speed bikes are not as versatile, seven-speeds are definitely preferable for anyone who lives in an area with diverse terrain. Seven-speed bikes are also popular among professional cyclists, because riders can adjust the gears to suit their preferred speed.

Critical Cycles Diamond Frame Seven-Speed City Bike

Seven-speed bikes have multiple gears, requiring a bit more work to operate. While just about anyone can get the hang of seven-speed riding, there is a considerable learning curve. Know before buying that seven speed bikes are more likely to suffer from mechanical issues, due to their increased structural complexity. For example, if one of the cogs of a seven-speed bike were to break, the entire bike would require repair.

Whether Single or Seven Speed, Critical Has Got the Bike for You
At Critical Cycles, we know that no two cyclists are built the same. For that reason, we offer a variety of bikes in a wide selection of colors and styles for every kind of rider. If you're looking for something simple to navigate the flat terrain between the grocery store and the gym, check out our selection of Fixed-Gear, Single Speed City, and 1-Speed Step-Thru bikes. Planning to trek the hilly 13.6 miles to work everyday? Maybe you'll want to check out our 7-Speed City and Step-Thru bikes instead. We look forward to getting you where you need to go!


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