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You’ve finally made the decision to ride a fixed-gear bicycle. Good for you. You’ve decided to take all of the control into your own hands. We’re so proud. But the time has come to choose a fixed-gear bicycle. What to do, what to do? You may be thinking, “Oh me, oh my, there is such a vast variety of fixies to choose from.” Worry not, dear friend. Let us lead you and you’ll leave a more informed cyclist.

Red Pill or Blue Pill? The choice is yours.
If you really want a delicious warm and gooey doughnut with rainbow sprinkles on it, you wouldn’t settle for a three-day old “jelly” filled pastry, would you? No. At the end of the day, you want what you want. If you wouldn’t compromise on a rainbow-sprinkle-just-out-of-the-oven doughnut, why would you compromise on your mode of transportation?

The Critical Cycles Fixie has 17 color options, 5 sizes, and 2 handlebar options to choose from. We’re not math majors, but we’re giving you about 170 options. The Takara Kabuto has two colors and two sizes. Again, we’re not math majors over here, but that’s four options, right? Yeah, four. We live in a world with nearly infinite options. Some are more difficult to make than others, but this one doesn’t have to be.

The Red Pill
Aside from choosing exactly the bicycle you want, the better-built Critical Cycles Fixie keeps your ride safe and smooth. The tig-welded frame is accompanied by an alloy crank and an alloy seat post, both of which are ultimately the better and lighter choices for this already lightweight fixed-gear. Oh yeah, and we’ve got a fancy leather foot strap on light alloy pedals.

The Takara Kabuto may not look like the cyclists’ enemy, but it is. This WalMart bike has a quill stem, rather than our threadless stem on our Fixie with BMX handlebars. The threadless stem is ultimately lighter and stronger and allows the rider to easily center it without disrupting the handlebar height.

The Critical Cycles fixed-gear bicycle has a sealed bearings bottom bracket, which outlasts loose ball bottom brackets by a lifetime. While the latter requires more service more often and will need to be replaced soon after virtually any wear, our sealed bearings will withstand varying weather, road, and riding conditions and are particularly necessary in commuting environments to keep out moisture and dirt.

Critical Cycles Fixed-Gear Pista Bicycle
In addition to the lightweight accessories and sturdier stem and bottom bracket, our Pista Fixie has double wall rims as opposed to the Takara Kabuto’s single-wall rims. Although there is virtually no weight discrepancy between single and double wall rims (i.e. double-wall rims don’t add weight to the bike), the construction makes a significant difference when it comes to brawn and stability. These stiffer rims are much harder to bend.

Flip-Flop Hub
Sure, both the Pista Fixie and the Takara Kabuto have flip-flop hubs so you can alternate between fixed-gear and freewheel. But do you really want to be riding a bike that lacks a sealed bearings bottom bracket? Letting all that moisture and dirt get into the bicycle? Naw, man. And do you really want to be riding on a bike that has single wall rims rather than double wall rims? That’s another no. And besides, our flip-flop hubs are bit easier to change.

Dolla, Dolla Bills, Ya’ll
We get it, money is a consideration for a lot of people. The price point of these two bicycles are comparable, though the Takara Kabuto is about $20 cheaper. But that’s only because you’re getting close to bottom of the barrel bits and pieces. Our single-speed fixed-gear bike has been thoughtfully loaded with Protek cranks, a Sunrun freewheel, a KMC chain, Well-Go pedals, and Promax brakes. Each of these mechanisms have been carefully considered to bring you a bike that will be dependable for years to come.

Go on, Grasshopper
You have read this article and will presumably make a decision imminently. Go on, get outta here, and cycle happily.


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