• Critical Cycles: Chatham Beach Cruisers

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    Designed with the summer breeze in mind, our Chatham Men's and Women's Beach Cruisers are the perfect leisure bikes to help you enjoy the warmer months. When appreciating the ride matters more than what time you arrive, look no further then the Chatham. Available in single, three, and seven speed models, there is a Chatham for you that makes any terrain as easy as strolling down the boardwalk.

    Shop our selection of Chatham Beach Cruisers HERE

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  • Stolen Bike? Critical's got you covered!

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    Imagine this. You walk out from your favorite coffee spot with the perfect mid-afternoon caffeine pick me up in hand. You're running through your list of to-do's for the rest of the day as you begin to realize you are standing in the spot where your bike once stood. You think for a moment, that in the midst of mentally preparing yourself to conquer the last of your errands in order to gain the sweet satisfaction of sitting on your couch to binge watch your latest Netflix obsession, that maybe you had mistaken where you left your prized possession, your mode of transportation, your bike. Sadly you look down to see your bike lock has been modified by a pair of bolt cutters and has now been rendered useless and your bike is nowhere to be seen! 

    Sadly, we at Critical Cycles know the feeling all too well. That is why we are here to help! If you find yourself in a bike theft situation follow these steps so that we can get you back on two wheels in no time:

    - Email us with a police report of your stolen bike from the past 90 days

    - Pick a bike of ours you love

    - We will email you back with a 20% Off discount code just for you!

    - Order your new favorite bike (and maybe a heavy-duty Kryptonite bike lock) with the discount code we send you

    - And bada bing, bada boom you are back back like you never left.

    Sadly we can't help you finish up those errands, but hey at least you'll have a new bike!


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  • Product Highlight: Cub Balance Bike

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    Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most memorable childhood milestones. You can help guide that special youngster in your life to that milestone even easier with the Cub Balance Bike from Critical Cycles.

    The Cub no-pedal balance bike is designed specifically for the beginning rider, aged 20 months to 5 years-old, to assist in developing the riders coordination and balance. The low down tube allows the rider to hop on and off the bike with ease. The Cub is also adjustable, which means even though your youngin' may be growing up to quickly, they won't be out growing this bike anytime soon.

    Balance bikes will teach your mini-cyclist to balance with their feet instead of relying on training wheels to balance for them which makes the transition from "balance" bike to "real" bike a much smoother transition. The Cub balance bike requires virtually no assembly or maintenance and with it's air-free tires you won't have to worry about the tires going flat!

    Find the perfect Cub Balance Bike for your youngster HERE 


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  • A Commuter's Guide to the Perfect Picnic Picks

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    With the Summer Solstice earlier this week, Picnic Season is officially upon us. Did you know July is also National Picnic Month? Gearing up for all the upcoming summer festivities, we put together a little “how-to” for those of you rolling up to Fourth of July BBQs on bike (the best way to roll up anywhere, really.)

    Everything you see below is delightful, delicious, and most importantly, 100% portable. As a matter of fact, all of these treats will fit perfectly in our handwoven Toto bike basket!

    Let us know what you think of our picks and be sure to capture & share your own #CriticalPicnicBasket success stories with us on Instagram.

    Cocktail Recipe: "Sweet Tea Cruiser"
    • 1.5 oz Bourbon
    • 1 oz lemon juice
    • 1/2 oz honey
    • 1/2 oz amaro nonino
    • 1/2 oz peche de vigne 
    • Top with Mixwell Ginger Ale
    by: Chris Whelan of Sassafras Saloon 
    Food items: 
    Cheese Board: 
    • Fresh Herb Goat Cheese
    • Manchego
    • Triple Cream Brie
    • Parmigiano Romano

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  • Father's Day Gift Guide!

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    It’s almost Father’s Day! You literally wouldn’t be the person you are without him. Show your appreciation for everything he does and everything he’s done for you with some awesome stuff. (We love Dad, too.)

    Beaumont-7 Diamond Frame

    With a seven-speed drivetrain and devastatingly good looks, the Beaumont-7 city bike will take your dad everywhere he needs to go. The Shimano derailleur and alloy front and rear brakes are as reliable, durable, and accurate as they can be. (You can even get a matching step-thru for Mom!)

    CM-2 Helmet

    Keep Dad safe with one of our brand new CM-2 commuter helmets! It has 11 vents situated for the ideal amount of airflow and two sets of interchangeable pads for a custom fit. Available in matte black, matte graphite, matte white, matte slate, matte sky blue, and matte pink.

    Drone Light

    Give him the gift of light and safety with a Drone Bike Headlight. This solar powered bike light has 4 bright LED bulbs to light up the street and make sure he’s visible to cars. It also comes with a USB charging cord.

    Kryptonite Lock

    Wouldn’t it suck to get your dad a bike and then it be stolen? Make sure this doesn’t happen and snag a Kryptonite KroptoLok Series 2 bike lock. The U-shaped lock and accompanying 10mm thick braided steel cable will keep Dad’s bike safe and sound. Kryptonite also offers an anti-theft program that warranties your bike wen you register with them.

    Retrospec 5-in-1 Bike Pump

    This bike pump is all kinds of practical. Inflate tires with either Schrader or Presta valves without changing the pump head and blow up sports balls, yoga balls, mattresses, and pool toys with one of the three included accessory tips.



    Order by Monday night to get it in time for Father’s Day!

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