• Introducing: The Barron 21-Speed Hybrid Fitness Bike

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    Looking for adventure? Then you've found the right bike! The Barron will get you where you need to go with ease. Don't believe us? Just watch the video below! 

    Find out more about our new Barron 21-Speed Hybrid Fitness Bike HERE

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  • Critical Cycles Mother's Day Gift Guide!

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    Mother's Day is right around the corner! Make sure you show the #1 woman in your life some appreciation with these awesome gift ideas!


    1: Parker Step-Thru City Bike w/ Coaster Brake

    The Parker is one of our newest bikes and it's perfect for a casual ride around the neighborhood or park! It's high-tensile steel step-through design makes mounting the bike a breeze whether Mom's preferred wardrobe choice may be pants, dress, or shorts. The Parker's minimalist design is made possible by it's KT Coaster brake hub that allows for simple foot braking and eliminates the need for any cables or wires. There's even a matching Parker City Bike for Dad! 

    Find out more about the Parker Step-Thru City Bike HERE

    2: Beaumont 7-Speed Step-Thru City Bike

    If your neighborhood a little hillier than most? No problem! Our Beaumont 7-Speed Step-Thru City Bike will get her where she needs to go with ease! It's another great step-thru model that features a seven-speed Shimano Rear Derailleur with a RevoShifter grip shifter that makes shifting a breeze. This bike also features higher handlebars and a progressive frame for comfortable upright riding. 

    Learn more about our Beaumont &-Speed Step-Thru HERE 

    3: Toto Basket

    This hand-woven basket is the perfect accessory to accompany Mom on her two-wheeled adventures. Measuring 14" long, 9" wide, and 8.5" deep it is ideal size to fit and picnic essentials and it's double-enforced wooden base is strong enough to endure any flying monkeys she may encounter. 

    See the Toto Basket in all it's glory HERE

    4: Silas Bike Helmet

    You have to protect the ones you love and if your anything like us, your Mom is pretty high on that list, which makes our new Silas Bike Helmet perfect! This helmet is safety certified and even features an LED ErgoKnob for a custom fit and with 3 separate light settings it will keep safe and seen! The best part is, it's only $19.99!!!

    Check out the Silas and all the colors it is available in HERE

    5: Floor Pump

    Mom can't get to riding if her tires are flat! That's where our Floor Pump comes in handy! This pump works on both both Schrader and Presta valves to ensure Momma Duke's wheels are properly inflated and ready to ride!

    Available in both Black & Silver HERE

    6: Kryptonite KroptoLok Series 2 Bike Lock

    The last thing we would want is to have Mom's new bike stolen right? Well with our wide variety of bike locks we can do our best to make sure that doesn't happen! The Kryptonite KroptoLok for example features a U-shaped lock and 10mm thick braided steel cable that will keeps Mom's bike nice and safe!

    See all of our available bike locks HERE

    Well, that's everything a Mom could need for a perfect bike ride. Now all you have to do is not forget the kiss on the cheek!



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  • How to teach your child to ride our Cub Balance Bike

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    With the Spring season upon us it is the perfect time to get the little ones out and active with our Cub Balance Bike. However, getting the hang of riding on two wheels can be a little tricky at first. Which is why we put this list together of 3 easy steps to teach your youngin' how to ride a balance bike.

    Step 1: Finding the perfect fit

    They key to two wheeled success is making sure that you have setup up the balance bike to fit your little munchkin. To do this you want to set the saddle height so your child's feet are flat on the ground while allowing for both knees to have a slight bend in them when they are seated. Next you want to set the handle bar height according to the newly found saddle height. For example, if the saddle is at it's lowest setting the handlebars should be set to the lowest setting as well. This is to ensure comfort and a safe riding stance. Lastly let's not forget that kids grow quickly so you may want to adjust the bike every couple of months to insure a proper fit.

    Step 2: Let the child set the pace 

    Our Cub is simple enough that your child were more then likely throw their leg over the bike and get to moving. However, your child may not sit on the seat at first and that is completely natural. At this point your child feels secure on their feet but may not feel the same when sitting on the saddle. As they get comfortable walking around with the bike between their and using the handlebars to steer they will eventually start to trust the saddle and will be up and riding with their feet up in no time. Older kids will get to this point in minutes while younger kids may take a few weeks. 

    Step 3: Support the child, NOT the bike

    Although it may be instinctive to help your child by holding onto the bicycle to keep them from falling, this may hinder their ability to learn how to balance. The point of our Balance Bikes are to, well, learn balance! This means the child must be allowed to feel the bike tip in order to be able to learn how to keep it from tipping and maintaining balance. This can be achieved by walking behind or next to your child and hold onto their chest, under their arms, or onto the back of their t-shirt so that they can feel safe. This approach will help your child learn the basic concept of keeping the bike balanced and centered until your assistance will no longer be needed. They grow up so fast don't they!

    Keep these 3 simple steps in mind for the warmer months ahead and be sure to take the time to enjoy sharing this experience with your child. And if your looking for a bike for yourself be sure to check out our full line of Critical Cycles Bikes HERE!



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  • Critical Cycles featured on Built in Los Angeles

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    Our friends over at Built in Los Angeles recently featured Critical Cycles on their site, telling our story and where we came from. Take the time to learn about what makes Critical Cycles tick by reading the full article HERE

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  • Halloween Costume Contest Insta-Bike Giveaway!

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    We’re getting into the Halloween spirit with our Halloween Costume Contest Insta-Bike Giveaway! The best part is, you don’t even need a bike to enter! All you need is a creative costume for your chance to win a brand new bike!

    The rules are simple:

    1. Follow us on Instagram
    2. Post a photo of you in your awesome Halloween costume (whether bike
    themed or not), tag @CriticalCycles and use the hashtag #CriticalCostume
    3. We’ll announce the winner via Instagram on Tuesday Nov. 1st!

    Good luck!!!

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