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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Blogger Review by The Gear Caster

Critical Cycles sells sturdy, affordable, steel frame fixies that are ideal for riding around town. With numerous color combinations to choose from, you get the look of a customized bike without the customized price.

-The Gear Caster

Customer Review by A. Schondorf

Single Handedly the best single-speed bicycle in this price range with fantastic components, A+ packaging, and amazing color options.

Flip Flop Hub: This gives you the option to ride fixed or freewheel and very easy to switch from one to the other. I like riding fixed-gear personally, but it can get really tiring because your feet are moving a lot, so sometimes I switch to freewheel and then it rides like a normal cruiser.

Tires: Really good quality. I've put a good 100 city miles on mine.
Many pot holes, cracks, curbs, skids, bar-spins, no problems at all.

Frame: The frame can bar spin and there is no toe overlap. The geometry is perfect, and the frame is surprisingly light for this price range. I've paid over $500 for my last fixie which was heavier.

Handlebars: It's my first time having BMX style handlebars and I am really happy with them. I actually prefer them by far for city riding
because they come a little bit higher so I'm not leaned forward as much. Way more comfortable, and it makes my bars-pins really easy.

Seat: Pretty comfortable. It's a little stiff, but it's in a good way.

Sticker: It's removable, but I like it.

Toe Clips: They handle really well, but I prefer Velcro straps personally.

Gear Ratio: 48:16... it's perfect for the city

Assembly and Packaging: This thing was packed to endure any kind of
impact. Cardboard, Styrofoam, zip ties, etc. Really impressive. They
obviously knew what they were doing. It comes mostly assembled other
than handlebars, front wheel, and pedals. As with any bike make sure
to check the tightness of all the parts before riding.

Tools: It's a nice touch that they include all tools you need (allen key set and crescent wrench). I already had a set, but now I keep this set in my backpack for when I'm riding. They are very portable and light.

Bottom Line: I was between this and something $150 more and I'm really happy I chose this. I rode it in to my local bike shop when I bought a lock and they couldn't believe the price. Needless to say, it's a great value and don't let the price fool you. I look forward to seeing
more Critical bikes come out in the future because I would love to see an affordable road bike or mountain bike from them. This is one of the best online purchases I've ever made.

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Blogger Review by Commute By Bike

First of all, the price really stands out on this bicycle. For $219 you really get a bike that is ready to hit the road with a frame and components that appear that they will last for many miles.

-Commute By Bike

Blogger Review by Commute By Bike

I have to say that the Critical is one of the more comfortable fixies I have ridden and that is probably thanks to the upright BMX style handlebars. It is a quick bike, like you would expect from a road style track bike, but more comfortable and styley with the high rise bars.

-Commute By Bike

Blogger Review by Commute By Bike

This bike is also relatively lightweight and easy to maneuver in tight spots. Good for the urban jungle!

-Commute By Bike

Blogger Review by Commute By Bike

a simple and sturdy urban commuter that comes with an amazingly low price tag of $219.

-Commute By Bike

Blogger Review by The Gear Caster

The bike arrives almost completely put together in a big box -all you need to do is install the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, and seat. Anyone with common sense can assemble the bike, as the hardest part about building a fixie is the rear wheel and that arrives already attached. The fixie comes complete with all the tools you need for assembly, including three sizes of Allen wrench and a Cone wrench.

-The Gear Caster

Blogger Review by The Gear Caster

Bottom Line: Critical Cycles could be called the Uniqlo of fixies, offering good looking urban transport at an affordable price.

-The Gear Caster

Customer Review by sgbassett

I actually got this bike (black and red model) for $200 from a Groupon Goods deal. It took a few weeks to arrive, but it came packaged very well. There were no assembly instructions included, but the process was simple. I needed to attach the handlebars, pedals, seat, and front wheel.

This is my first fixie, so I decided to start with a bit of caution and flip the hub from fixed to freewheel so I would have the option to coast until I got used to the feel of the bike. My other bike is a Specialized Expedition with a completely different frame geometry and much more weight. So I figured it might take a while for me to feel comfortable. I do plan to flip the hub back to fixed gear in a week or two.

The bike is very impressive to look at and seems well made. It is much lighter and faster than my Specialized, but the Specialized is more versatile because it is also suited to light trail riding as well as pavement. This is definitely a pavement-only bike.

My first rides have been very enjoyable. Overall, this bike is a real bargain.

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Customer Review by Nick

First, my bike came in a box without an assembly instructions. Not a great sign. Paint job looks fine but I've already scratched through to the metal so it clearly will start to look a little beat up with use.

My biggest disappointment is that Critical Cycles does not seem to have any meaningful Q&A process. Of the two metal rings that are supposed to attach the breakline to the body of the bike, one was clearly the wrong size for the bike frame. After a light four mile ride to work on a paved bike trail with no sharp objects, I heard a weird thunking noise and felt a rhythmic vibration each time the wheels went round. Upon further inspection I discovered that there was a large gash in the side wall of my rear tire and saw that the tube was deflated. Based upon my short ride, it is clear to me that the bike was sent to me with a gash in the tire. I called Amazon and they gave me a credit equivalent to the cost of a new tire. That seemed like a better option that returning or exchanging the bike.

Overall, I'm still satisfied with my purchase. The bike is fairly nice and inexpensive enough that I'm comfortable shelling out more money for bike equipment and upgrades.

Just don't buy this bike and expect everything to be perfect out of the box. There may be some missing or incorrect parts. There probably will not be any instructions. And you may want to upgrade certain parts in the future. Still a very good bang for the buck.

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Customer Review by Bryan

I have been eyeing single speed / fixed bikes for a few months now. Looking at Pure Fix and some other brands here on Amazon. I am sure glad I came across Critical Cycles, because it was exactly what I wanted.

I was so excited when I got this bike! I go mountain biking on the weekends and wanted a different bike suited for the city. I like the flip flop hub. Be careful not to strain your knees when trying to stop in fixed gear mode. This gave me knee pain, so I switched around to be a single speed instead. I also installed a front brake as well since it's near impossible to stop with just the rear brake as a single speed.

The bike is very light. Lighter than my Trek Fuel EX 5. I removed the critical logo as it was peeling already and used some goo gone to clean it up. The white frame, seat and grips with black wheels and handle bars look awesome. The simplicity in this bike and the design scream out style and quality.

Another thing I noticed was that riding a single speed has upped my game in mountain biking tremendously. I no longer shift down to go up hills and I never stop spinning to coast now!

I had two flats in the rear tire within a week. It was very discouraging. It turns out that I had some issues that other people did concerning the sidewall and the bead separating. Two tire tubes later and an email to customer support fixed this issue as I was given different tires to fix the issue.

Their customer service is GREAT! Buy this bike, you will NOT be disappointed.

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Customer Review by Alonza R

Solid construction, good components, great look. This is my first fixie. I went for a 16 mile social bike ride through San Antonio first thing out of the box & kept up just fine.

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Customer Review by Carissa N. Perales

Overall the bike was easy to assemble. Absolutely love the design of the bike, color palette and bmx handlebars. A big reason this bike was purchased was for design and also because it came with the flip flop hub. Since this bike was a gift it was nice to know the rider could switch back and forth whenever they pleased, especially for anyone not used to the single speed and the extra leg workout it entails in the long run. The overall of pricing of the bike is definitely well worth the product, since most bikes run 300$ plus and not including shipping.

The only thing I had an issue with was their website when I was trying to figure out customer support. I mistakenly forgot to check whether the fork of the bike was installed correctly (totally flew right over my head). It took me a day to try and figure it out, and I called the customer support number posted on their website and the woman on the phone directed me back to the website to email the issue. Perhaps it was out of her jurisdiction or knowledge of what was indeed wrong with the bike or the assembly there of. There should be some clear signage of where to go for technical support so I am not contacting the wrong person within their company.

Other than that the support emailed me about 2 days later and diagnosed the problem from there.

Conclusion: if you are looking for an affordable bike to get around the city/flat grounds, critical cycles is a great choice

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Customer Review by Evan

I wrote to Critical Cycles on a Sunday with a question. It wasn't a full four hours before I got a response back, on a Sunday! I can tell they really care and want to put a good product out there. As a new company, these guys are working hard to do it right. From the reviews I have read about the bikes, it looks like a solid purchase. Add to that, working with a company that goes the extra mile for its customers, this is an all-around ""can't miss"". I should be getting a bike soon, and will have more to add to my review when it comes. -EB

I got my bike in a little over a week ago. Everything came as expected. It took a little while to put everything together, but all tools were included, and I used the instruction video from the website that was on the shipping box. I did not have any real issues putting the bike together. The toughest part was when I switched the rear wheel from ""fixed"" to ""free"", getting the wheel lined up perfectly. But that is just an issue that comes with fixed gear bikes. Overall, I love the bike. I have already put about 20 miles on it, and everything seems solid. I agree with most other reviews that it is an overall solid bike and looks awesome. For the price, there is nothing better.

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Customer Review by D Berk

This is a high quality bike. Great feel. A few pumps and im blazin through the city. Not to mention its gotta fresh style all its own.

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Customer Review by Jo

A great bike for anyone interested in becoming part of the subculture movement that is becoming the Fixie lifestyle. This bike is made of amazing quality and the craftsmanship is incredible considering the low price. I would not hesitate to recommend this bike to anyone. As an avid road cyclist I can say that this is a great bike to commute to work or school or to just plain have fun and escape the shackles that is the polluting automobile.

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Customer Review by Christine Perry

I bought this bike only after reading reviews about it. I live in the Midwest where it's mainly flat so one gear sounded great to me! I plan to use it for commuting to and from my school campus/work. I just received the bike in the mail and during assembly I had a difficult time putting the seat, of all things on. It wouldn't fit in the hole, even when the clamp was fully unscrewed and open. As a result the seat is finally in but now it won't screw back together. I hope this doesn't become a problem in the future. The only other thing is I found one extra piece that I don't know what it belongs to. The bike rides very well - I have it on freewheel right now because I'm not quite ready for fixed gear but so far so good. Overall - very nice, color is great (I have the tan color), and I hope it continues.

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Customer Review by Jason S. Kelley

This bike arrived as scheduled and well packaged. All tools required for assembly were included. I used my own toolset to assemble the bike but I put the included tools in my pack so I can make adjustments or repairs on the road. I've put about 80 miles on it the two weeks that I've had it and it has served me well. Perfect for commuting to and from work so long as you don't have any large hills or have very strong legs. I'm probably going to add a front brake to it but it is more a personal preference, and some people would do fine with just the rear brake. I would highly recommend for anyone looking for a great value in a daily commuter or anyone looking to get into a fixed gear/single speed without sinking a bunch of money into it. Compare and you will see that this bike is prices well below similar bikes with the same quality level of components.

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Customer Review by Michael Hamasaki

Starting off, I had no prior knowledge about putting together bicycles. The previous fixed gear bicycle I bought was a Pure Fix bicycle from a local bike shop, here in Honolulu. Unfortunately, the rear wheel of that bicycle was stolen, and since I had no idea about what to do (also the fact that I was tight financially), I sold off the the remaining frame and front wheel. Months later, I'm itching to ride again, but am still tight financially. I wanted to buy a Motobecane Track from Bikesdirect but the shipping was ridiculous ($150 USD). I couldn't afford another bicycle from my local bike shop, so I decided to look on Amazon.

There were many decent fixed gear bikes, but the Critical Cycles bike really caught my eye at the price range. From the picture alone you could infer that it has better components than other bikes in the price range. At that point, I was already sold, but I was even further sold buy the FREE shipping to Hawaii, an offer many other dealers can't provide (thanks Amazon!).

I ordered this bike on the 22nd of October and was scheduled to come early November, but I lucked out because it arrived on the 30th! (again, good job Amazon!).

Once it arrived, I was quite excited. The box weighs in at about 30 pounds but it feels lighter. There were some holes in the box but it didn't affect the integrity of the bike components.

Putting the bike together was simple enough. I had done research and watched videos but I still would have been nervous about putting together my first bike. However, it was still quite an easy process of installing the handlebars, front wheel, pedals, and saddle. Critical Cycles exceeds expectations by even giving you all the tools required to make sure you're ready to go and ride.

Compared to my previous Pure Fix price, this bike rides quite smooth, nothing I can complain about, still being a beginner to the bicycle world. The parts seem sturdy enough and at a cheaper price point than the Pure Fix bike which was $350, this Critical Cycles bike seems like a steal.

Overall, Amazon and Critical Cycles really provide you a great deal with this bike. It is perfect for anyone wanting to get into fixed gear riding. If you are skeptical about this bike, don't be. I myself hope to build upon this bike and go further, and it is all thanks to Critical Cycles.

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Customer Review by watermonkey34

This is a great product at a very reasonable price. Most 'fixies' I've seen in local bike shops are almost twice as much. I needed more information about their product before I ordered from them and they were very helpful and responded to me in a reasonable amount of time. What I was impressed with the most was that after I had already ordered the bicycle, I needed a recommendation of where to buy a cool looking bike helmet for my wife. Though Critical Cycles doesn't sell helmets they immediately responded to me with a website who does. They were very helpful and I was pleased with their service and product.

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Customer Review by Bike Buyer

I rarely feel like I'm getting great value on anything these days...but this bike is a true exception. It was very easy to put together (and I'm not a DIY person)and rides great.

(Originally posted on Amazon)

Customer Review by mr Zee

Had this bike for 2 weeks so far. No problems with assembly if you know what you're doing. Had to spend some time with a seat clamp cause the seat post entry on the frame was bent a little (most likely during shipment), so the seat post would not go in. But this is a steel frame, so a minute with pliers did the job. I wasn't expecting much taking into account the price of this bike. Decent components, nothing super fancy, but feels like it will last for a while. Some old road bike from the 80s will cost you almost the same on craiglist and crappy walmart bikes would cost even more.

It is my first fixie, but I had a couple of single speed MTBs before. Tried both fixed gear and freewheel side so far. Decided to keep it with a freewheel (which is almost silent by the way). Fixed side is too much damage for my knees, and I did not get it at all. Rear break is good, you simply have to correctly adjust it. Seat is quite nice, your rear side will not suffer. There are no mounting holes for water bottle on the frame, I had to buy the one with velcro tape attachment.

I replaced the pedals with some plastic BMX platforms right away, will also update the chainring with 36T instead of 44 or 46T (do not need much speed and it will be easier on the hills). Tubes come with Schrader valves which is cool, not too many people have pumps for Presta. Some dude did not like that seatclamp and front wheel come with no flip-offs, I actually like it because no one can easily steal stuff from your bike on a street.

Overall well worth the money, but do not expect anything extra special.

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Customer Review by Young MC

This is probably the best value in single-speed/fixie bikes you'll find. I could not build a comparable bike for this price; I know because I've tried!

This bike's build quality is fantastic. It arrived well packaged. All bearings were smooth, and the wheels were true. Although the brake surface is not machined, the seam was smooth and well done. (If you ride fixed you may not care about brakes, anyway.) The paint looks great (tan), and I get compliments on the look everywhere I go - from people young and old.

I was a little nervous about getting a bike through Amazon, especially since I couldn't find much about Critical Cycles online. No reason to be. I contacted the Critical Cycles Team by email and received excellent service from them.

In case you couldn't tell, I'm happy with my experience all around and highly recommend the bike to anyone on the fence.

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Customer Review by E. Moreno

I just got my bike today, and I must admit I love it. It is a good quality bike and looks great! The rims aren't alloy or anything, but sill good quality. It very easily stands out from other bikes and I'm glad I bought it. Sure, I had to assemble most of it but it only takes around 45 minutes. If you are looking for a reasonable priced fixie to purchase, this bike is for you. If you choose Super-Saving Shipping, you'll get it in eight days, as that's how long it took to be delivered to my door.

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Customer Review by Visa

THIS BIKE IS AWESOME! (sorry about my spelling and errors i dont know too much english) I was really scared it would be a shitty bike, i am 5'10 and 250 pounds and this bike can stand meee!!! nice quality, easy assembly, PERFECTNESS!!!

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Customer Review by Adriana Porrata

I'm an old BMX rider who wanted to try a fixed gear bike just to ride around town, and didn't want to spend a lot of money). This bike looked like a good entry-level option, so after looking around I decided to grab it.

After a few good rides, I really like this bike, it is well worth the price tag.


It comes mostly put together, I finished the job within 20 minutes of unpacking (make sure you tighten all screws and nuts that were pre-assembled, especially stem bolts and rear wheel nuts).

Solid components for the cost (drivetrain, wheelset, stem, headset, brakes)

BMX handlebars (being a former BMXer I like them, however looking around I don't see many fixed riders with them, easily can be changed out later).

Solid frame with a great paint job in a variety of colors. Surprisingly light weight.


The brake lever is HORRIBLE!! it is extremely cheap, and does not work well, you will want to change it out immediately. I know a lot of fixed riders don't use brakes, but if your new to it like me, you will definitely be using them! Do yourself a favor and order a new brake lever with this bike. I just installed a new Dia Compe Tech 77 lever today!

It could be just my preference, but I also hated the pedals. They are small with cheap toe clips. I switched them out after the first ride. I put on some bmx platform pedals off of another bike, and then ordered a set of fyxation pedals with footstraps.

Brake pads seem to be wearing out abnormally fast, after a couple rides, I'm on the verge of having to replace them. Keep an eye on them, it could be just me.

After replacing those two components, this bike is great! I am very happy with the purchase. Even after having to spend a little extra, I still give it 5 stars overall, for the price you get a solid ride with the good upgrade ability!

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Customer Review by D-Mak

This is an incredible deal for a fantastic product. I bought this bicycle to replace my Kent Takara Kabuto that was stolen. First of all
the Critical bike was packaged really well. It's something I usually
don't notice when i order online, but this bike could probably be
dropped out of a plane and make it down ok.

I used the instructional video to build my bike, and it was really
easy to do with the included tools. The bike looks beautiful, the
quality of the paint looks really good, and the components all feel

I was hesitant about switching to this style of handlebars, but I'm
really happy I made the move. I am more comfortable now on my commute
to work since I can sit more upright. Not as much strain on my back.

I've only put about 50 miles or so on it so far, but no problems
whatsoever. The tires are holding up well, no loose parts, paint looks
good etc. I would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a fixie.
The components are comparable to more expensive bikes.

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Customer Review by Monica

I ordered a Critical Cyles bike in cream/tan when my mountain bike got stolen. It arrived within a few days, packaged very nicely to hold up through shipping. Assemby is very easy- just attach the handlebars, seat, pedals and wheels. I flip-flopped my rear tire so that it doesn't back-brake- I don't think I'm ready for that yet. After less than an hour putting it together, I was on the road. Overall this was a great buy!

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Customer Review by Gino

I just got my bike today (the one w/silver rims), it took 9 days to get to me since i live in Hawaii and used ""super saver shipping"". i rate the Bike 9 out of 10. i love the bike itself just that i could already find some parts i need to upgrade.

Light-ish Frame
3 piece crank.
seat post.
top cap.

Rims are not metal/alloy... they feel like plastic like some sort of hard plastic.
pedals 7 toe clips.
needs to be re-greased.
a bit heavy for a fixie but upgrading to lighter parts can fix that.

So i rate this bike 9 of 10 the only bad about this is the rims and weight for me.

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Customer Review by K. Watanabe

First of all I am a triathlete and bike commuter so I ride all the time. My young daughter started tri's too so we are quite into bikes. Unfortunately, her $1500 bike was stolen so she couldn't even ride to school anymore. Guess I shouldn't have trusted a nice lock that thieves easily cut through.

Anyway, I wanted an inexpensive bike for my daughter and this fit the bill. I've never put together a bike, but this was so easy and took maybe 15 minutes. Well...extra 10 minutes to switch the wheel to freewheel, but out of the box, front wheel, handle bar, and 2 pedals was just 15 minutes at most. Bike is nowhere as light as our road bikes, but that's what we expected. Since single speed, it will never be easy to start off, but once going, I was surprised how easy it was and very nice handling compared to our road bike drops.

I got it as a lightning deal, but now thinking of one myself for my daily commute to work. I don't have to worry about all the rain and wear on my 'nice' road bikes.

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Customer Review by Jake

Bike was delivered on time just as it said. Assembly was extremely easy and quick. Everything's great so far. Love the handle bars and grips. Not a huge fan of the strapped pedals, about the only thing I will be replacing. On the free wheel hub now, rides great.